Canadian Internship Programs and Paid Internship Opportunities in Canada

Canada offers many internship opportunities for international students. Thanks to the internship opportunities offered in Canada, international students are entitled to gain work experience in addition to their university education, and this is especially important for international students who are required to complete an internship or co-op placement in their curriculum due to their branches.

To have the opportunity to do an internship in Canada, they must first have a study permit in Canada and be enrolled in an educational program in Canada. It is not possible to participate in internship programs in Canada without receiving any training.

What is the Difference Between Internship and Co-op in Canada?

The difference between internship and co-op in Canada is given in the table below.

 InternshipCo-op Settlement
How the program worksThe internship agreement is made between the student and the employer.A three-way combination is created: academic institution, student and employer.
Operation timeIt usually lasts for a semester or a summer.It continues for more than one education period, depending on academic conditions.
StructureIt may vary whether there is a separate period for internship in the student’s academic calendar.The student’s academic program must strictly include the requirement to work in co-op.
With or without salaryInternships can be paid or unpaid.These are generally paid programs.
Full time or part timeThere are flexible working conditions, the internship can be full-time or part-time, depending on the agreement made with the employer.A full-time study program is implemented that does not conflict with the academic calendar.

Internships and Canadian co-op programs offered in Canada aim to provide a work experience compatible with the existing academic program. Internship and co-op work opportunities in Canada allow you to apply academic learning and get acquainted with the working environment in Canada.

What are the Requirements for Participation in the Canadian Internship Program?

Requirements for participation in the internship program in Canada are given below.

  • A valid Canadian student visa is required.
  • There must be a course plan that will require an internship within the scope of the study program.
  • The document that includes the internship requirement in the academic program in order to graduate must be obtained from the educational institution where the student is studying.
  • The internship must cover 50% or less of the academic program.

Are There Paid Internship Programs in Canada?

Yes, there are different internship programs in Canada, both paid and unpaid.

How Much Are Internship Salaries in Canada?

Internship salaries in Canada average $37,050 per year, or $19 per hour. Wages for those without work experience in Canada start at $30,969 per year, while wages for those with more experience can rise to $57,155 per year.

What are the Most Popular Paid Internship Programs in Canada?

The most popular paid internship programs in Canada are listed below.

  • law internship
  • engineering internship
  • Graphic design internship
  • Advertising internship
  • Project management internship

Where to Do a Law Internship in Canada?

There are many companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Trapeze Group Limited and Lerners LLP for students who want to do a law internship in Canada. In Canada, law interns can earn an average salary of 15 Canadian dollars to 35 Canadian dollars per hour.

Where to Get an Engineering Internship in Canada?

There are various companies to do engineering internships in Canada, such as BGIS, Rayonier Advanced Materials, ABC and BBA. Engineering internship salaries average 25 – 65 Canadian dollars per hour.

Where to Get a Graphic Design Internship in Canada?

There are companies such as NETGEAR, Property Vista and GeoComply for students who want to do a graphic design internship in Canada. Graphic design interns earn salaries between 15 and 25 Canadian dollars per hour.

Where to Get an Advertising Internship in Canada?

There are various companies such as PUMA, Nestle, Amex and Geotab for advertising internships in Canada. Students doing advertising internships in Canada earn salaries between 13 and 35 Canadian dollars per hour.

Where to Do Project Management Internship in Canada?

There are companies such as HSBC, Deloitte, Siemens and NOKIA to do project management internships in Canada. The salary range for students doing internships in project management in Canada starts from 20 Canadian dollars per hour and goes up to 40 Canadian dollars.

How to Find an Internship Opportunity in Canada?

If the university does not offer an official co-op program or a potential employer network in order to obtain an internship opportunity in Canada, the person must find a suitable employer in order to intern in a selected field or participate in a co-op program.

People who are looking for an employer for an internship opportunity in Canada can use various methods such as university job boards, online job platforms such as Glassdoor, Monster, Workopolis and Indeed, professional networking sites such as LinkedIn, career pages on employer sites and using connections in the network. can apply for options.

In Which Cities Are Most Internship Program Opportunities Available in Canada?

The cities with the most internship program opportunities in Canada are listed below.

  • Toronto: Chosen as one of the best cities to live in the world, Toronto is an industrial city that provides internship opportunities in almost every field. Some of the leading areas of work include business organizations, media, technology and theater or performing arts.
  • Vancouver: Vancouver is similar to the cities of Portland and Seattle in the Pacific Northwest of the USA in terms of lifestyle and industry. It is possible for interns to gain work experience in the fields of tourism and hospitality, entertainment, software and technology.
  • Montreal: Although the French spoken in Montreal is different from that spoken in other parts of the world, Montreal is an ideal city for French speakers. Those who come for internships can find suitable positions in the film, engineering and technology industries.

Frequently asked Questions

Frequently asked questions and answers to our center regarding information about internships in Canada and necessary permits are listed below.

Do You Require a Work Permit to Do an Internship in Canada?

Yes, a work permit is required to participate in paid or unpaid internship programs in Canada.

Who Can Intern in Canada Without a Work Permit?

Healthcare students can work in Canada without a work permit as long as they plan to do a medical internship.

How to Get a Canadian Internship Work Permit?

Obtaining a Canadian internship work permit is possible in two ways, depending on whether a student visa is obtained.

If you do not apply for a student visa in Canada, you can apply for an internship work permit. Once an acceptance letter is obtained and submitted from the educational institution stating that the internship is part of the course program, the Canadian Government processes the student visa and work permit together.

If you have a Canadian student visa and are already in Canada, you can apply for a work permit online from the IRCC-linked website where Canada carries out immigration and citizenship procedures.

Is it possible to do a part-time internship in Canada?

Yes, part-time internships are possible in Canada.

How Many Hours Can You Work a Week in Canadian Internship Programs?

In Canadian internship programs, a maximum of 48 hours of work per week is required.

What is an Erasmus Internship in Canada?

Erasmus internship in Canada is offered to students going to Canada within the Erasmus+ program. To participate in the program, you must apply to the university, prepare the required documents and find an organization where the internship will take place.

To do an erasmus internship in Canada, it is necessary to have a Canadian erasmus visa. In order to apply for the visa required to do an Erasmus internship, an acceptance letter must be received by the assigned school.

Is a Work Permit Required for an Internship of Less Than 6 Months in Canada?

Yes, in Canada, it is necessary to obtain a work permit for internships of less than 6 months, even without a salary. An open work permit can be obtained for unpaid internships of less than 6 months, and thanks to this permit, it is possible to work with more than one employer.

For education programs of less than 6 months in Canada, it is sufficient to obtain a Canadian SX1 visa, which is given for short-term education without the need to obtain any study permit, but students who want to work as an intern during this short-term education must apply for a work permit.

What are the advantages of doing an internship in Canada?

The advantages of interning in Canada are listed below.

  • Extra income to cover living expenses while studying in Canada
  • Opportunity to gain Canadian work experience in fields of study
  • Ability to apply what is learned in the classroom in a professional working environment
  • Ability to develop abilities necessary for career success, including interpersonal and communication skills
  • Making different connections and developing the social network
  • Possibility to create a portfolio or work sample for future job applications
  • Opportunity to obtain references from the employer or manager for job applications
  • The opportunity to discover professional strengths and weaknesses and determine a career focus accordingly
  • Opportunity to receive a full-time job offer based on performance during the internship or co-op program

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