How to Get a Canadian Visa for Study & Work

Canada is famous for its must-visit tourist attractions. Canada even became one of the countries that must be visited by tourists. Not only tourism, Canada is also famous for its quality of education and welfare. But what you need to know is that you need a visa to work or study in Canada.

Visas have become mandatory for foreigners visiting other countries. Most countries require a visa for foreign citizens. How to get a visa in Canada is also not difficult. This article will share how to get a Canadian visa for study and work.

What is a Visa?

A visa is a document or permit issued by the government of a country to foreign citizens who wish to enter and stay temporarily or permanently in that country. 

A visa gives the holder official permission to enter the country for a certain period of time and for a certain purpose, such as vacation, study, work, or a business visit.

Visa documents usually contain information such as permitted arrival dates, expiration date, visa type (such as student visa, visit visa, or work visa), as well as certain restrictions or conditions that apply during the period of stay in the country.

Requirements for Visa in Canada

Each country has certain conditions for issuing visas. Generally, personal data is required. Visas are made taking into account the country you want to visit. So it is possible that you apply but the visa is not issued due to several factors. 

The requirements for applying for a Canadian visa are also not difficult, especially since most of them are online. The following are the requirements for a Canadian visa:

1. Visa Application Documents

You can download the document on how to apply for a Canadian visa online via the VFS Global website . VFS Global itself is a company that collaborates with Canadian authorities to manage the visa application process.

2. Passport

Make sure your passport is still valid and matches the actual data. You need to prepare a recent passport photo measuring 3.5 x 4.5 cm with a white background . Remember to wear neat clothes for the photo.

3. Bank statement and company employment certificate

You only need to fulfill these requirements if you want to work full time in Canada.

4. Letter of Acceptance

Letter of Acceptance or letter of acceptance to an educational institution. If you are a student who wants to study in Canada, this letter is very important for you to include.

How to Get a Study and Work Visa in Canada

You can choose a visa depending on your needs. If you work you can use a worker visa and for students use a student visa. 

How to get a Canadian visa is quite easy because you usually use the official immigration website . So it can be said to be quite effective and efficient. Here’s how to make a study and work visa in Canada:

1. Get a Job or Proof of University Acceptance in Canada

Show proof that you are accepted to work in Canada. Employers must meet certain requirements to be able to recruit foreign workers. The job offer must include details such as type of job, salary, work location and length of contract.

2. Eligible Check

There is one step that must be done before preparing the form. This is to check whether you are entitled to apply for a Canadian visa or not. In this form there are several things you have to fill in such as citizenship, age, job, family, what you want to do in Canada and so on.

3. Personal Reference Code

After completing the form and being declared eligible for a Canadian visa, you will get a Personal Reference Code . This code is useful for registering an account and visa. So save the code because it is useful for the next stage.

4. Apply for a work visa or student visa

You need to apply for a work visa ( Work Permit ) to the Canadian Government. There are several types of work visas, namely an open work visa ( Open Work Permit ) which allows you to work for various employers or a limited work visa ( Employer-Specific Work Permit ) which limits you to working for a certain employer. 

You can apply online or through the Canadian Embassy or Consulate in your country. For students using a student visa ( Study Permit ), this visa is valid until your study period is completed. This visa is one of the most commonly used.

5. Prepare Required Documents

The documents required to apply for a visa vary. Generally, the documents requested are mostly personal documents.

6. Visa Application Submission

Once you have all the necessary documents, you can submit a study visa application to the Canadian Embassy or Consulate in your country. The application process can be done online or by filling in the application form manually.

7. Visa Interview (If Required)

Sometimes, you may be asked to attend a visa interview at a Canadian consulate office. Prepare yourself well to answer questions about your study plans or work.

8. Pay the Application Fee

Make sure to pay the work visa application fee according to the instructions provided by the Canadian Embassy or Consulate. This fee can vary depending on the type of visa applied for.

9. Wait for Decision

After submitting the application, you must wait to receive a decision from the Canadian authorities. This can take time, so make sure to submit your application with enough time before your course starts.

10. Visa Completed

If your study visa is approved, you can make travel plans to Canada according to the dates permitted on your visa. 

Be sure to always check the official website of the Canadian Embassy or Consulate in your country for more detailed guidance on study visa requirements and application procedures that apply to your situation.

Isn’t it easy to make a visa?

A visa is one of the important things if you want to go abroad, even a holiday requires a visa. Especially for those of you who are students or work there. The visa also becomes your identity while there. You also have to pay money to make a visa.


What is a Canadian visa?

A Canadian visa is a document or permit issued by the Canadian government to foreign citizens who wish to enter Canada for various purposes, such as vacation, study, work or business visits.

What types of visas are available for Canada?

Canada has various types of visas, including Student Visa ( Study Permit ), Work Visa ( Work Permit ), Visitor Visa ( Visitor Visa ), and others. The type of visa required depends on the purpose of your trip.

How to apply for a visa for Canada?

You can apply for a Canadian visa by visiting the official Canadian Government website or contacting the Canadian Embassy or Consulate in your country. On the website, you will find an application form that must be filled in and instructions about the required documents.

How much is the visa application fee for Canada?

Visa application fees for Canada vary depending on the type of visa and place of application. Make sure to pay the application fee according to the instructions provided by the authorities.

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