10 Study Majors in Canada with High Job Prospects

Canada is known as the country with the best education system in the world, because it has colleges or universities that offer innovative and diverse programs. Therefore, many prospective international students consider continuing their studies in a number of college majors in Canada .  If you are currently looking for references for high quality fields of study and … Read more

Canada’s Agri-Food Pilot Opens Doors for New Applications in 2024

Canada’s Agri-Food Pilot Gears Up for New Applications in 2024: A Path to Permanent Residency for Skilled Workers Updated December 27, 2023: Calling all experienced workers in Canada’s vital agri-food sector! Mark your calendars, because the Canada Agri-Food Pilot opens its doors for new applications on January 1, 2024. This program offers a coveted opportunity … Read more

List of Best Medical Faculties in Canada

Want to study medicine abroad? Canada could be the best study destination for you. Find a list of universities with the best medical faculties in Canada only on NewBalanceCanada.ca! Medicine is a competitive study program and is much sought after by international students. Most of them choose medicine because they aspire to become health professionals such as general … Read more

7 Best Types of Jobs in Canada, Interested?

If you want to get hired now or are thinking about making a career change soon, there are so many jobs with Canada’s best workplaces to apply for online. You can find jobs with Google, Microsoft, Bell, Intuit, Desjardins, Apple and Nike in Ontario, BC and Alberta. All of the companies were named top employers … Read more