10 Study Majors in Canada with High Job Prospects

Canada is known as the country with the best education system in the world, because it has colleges or universities that offer innovative and diverse programs. Therefore, many prospective international students consider continuing their studies in a number of college majors in Canada . 

If you are currently looking for references for high quality fields of study and promising career opportunities in Canada, check out the explanation in the following article!

10 Best Study Majors in Canada 2023

You need to know that the best college majors in Canada that we will discuss actually refer to the results of the Canadian Occupational Projection System (COPS) research. According to COPS, during 2019–2024, Canada needs human resources who work as:

  • Pharmacist
  • Nurse
  • psychologist
  • Physiotherapist and occupational therapist
  • Optician
  • Veterinarian
  • business consultant
  • School and university teaching staff
  • Software developer
  • Aviation engineer

Therefore, below we recommend several college majors related to the ten professions above:

1. Pharmacy, Leading Study Program in Canada

The first major in college is related to the health sector, namely pharmacy. Canada is known for having an excellent healthcare system so this could be one of your main considerations.

While studying, you will gain a lot of practical experience through internships and field work at well-known hospitals or health institutions in Canada. 

However, in this major you will have to take an exam from the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC) and have a certificate of competence in English or French.

This major also has good career prospects with a salary range starting from CAD$ 78,000 for entry level and can go up to CAD$ 156,230.

Universities that have well-known pharmacy programs in Canada are the University of Waterloo and the University of Manitoba.

2. Nursing Science

Apart from pharmacy, you can also choose to study in Canada majoring in nursing. Many universities in Canada provide nursing study programs that are relatively more diverse than other countries. 

Starting from the Diploma 2 (D2) program with an education period of 1 year to the Bachelor 1 (S1) program.

Graduates from this major are really needed, because for the past few years the majority population in Canada has been elderly people who need the help of nurses. 

That is why prospective nurses who will or have completed their studies must take a competency exam to get a work permit as an experienced nurse.

Nursing career prospects have salaries ranging from CAD$72,931 to CAD$87,756 per year. Universities or colleges that have nursing programs in Canada include Sheridan College, Western University and the University of Ottawa.

3. Psychology

The psychology major is the most popular in Canada. This is because psychology graduates in Canada have broad career opportunities, because the Canadian government needs around 16,500 psychology experts by 2026. 

Apart from that, students from the psychology department will also find it easier to continue their postgraduate education in the fields of clinical psychology, sports psychology, or organizational psychology.

The salary range with this major starts from CAD$85,848 to CAD$128,159 per year. 

If you are interested in this major, there are several recommended universities that have the best psychology programs in Canada, namely Queen’s University and University Regina.

4. Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy

The next study major in Canada that you can also consider is physiotherapy and occupational therapy. This field of study studies the science of health care and rehabilitation of individuals who experience physical disorders, injuries, or disabilities. 

Therefore, graduates from this major also have high job prospects, because they are needed to help someone to recover and restore their physical function.

Career prospects in this field are high and have an entry level salary range starting from CAD$87,165 per year. 

Colleges that provide occupational therapy programs in Canada are Humber College and Conestoga College.

5. Optometry Science

Uniquely, currently Canada really needs opticians who focus on eye health examinations, adjusting glasses and contact lenses, as well as diagnosing and treating vision problems. That is why the optometry department is starting to attract lots of interest from local and international students. 

Universities in Canada generally program optometry material with a 4 year course to study the anatomy and physiology of the eye, refraction and lens prescription, as well as eye disease management. 

An example of a university that has an optometrist program is the University of Waterloo.

A typical optometrist has a salary range starting from CAD$54,307 to CAD$162,372 per year.

6. Veterinary Medicine

Canada is one of the countries that is strict about monitoring the health of pets and livestock in line with the increase in the population there. 

Thus, the Canadian government continues to strive to improve the quality of veterinary education programs at every university in Canada.

In this major, you have to take 4 years of basic education to study health care and animal welfare. 

Then, you need to meet the North American Veterinary Licensing Examination (NAVLE) licensing requirements to become a veterinarian at a Canadian veterinary clinic or hospital or animal research institute.

The university that has the best veterinary program in Canada is the University of Guelph. 

The salary range for a veterinarian in Canada is also high starting at around CAD$79,808.

7. Business and Management Science

If you want to become a business consultant, then you can study in Canada majoring in business and management which is known to have the best quality. Examples include the best business programs at Western University (Ivey) and Queen’s University.

Business administration, accounting, finance, marketing and human resource management courses at several Canadian universities offer a strong foundation in entrepreneurship and business innovation. 

So, graduates from this department are ready to collaborate with companies or organizations and enter the world of global business in various industries.

Graduates with this major have a salary range starting from CAD$100,116 per year.

8. Teacher Education, the Most Popular College Major in Canada

Recently, job vacancies as teaching staff at vocational schools and universities in Canada have increased, because many senior teachers are about to retire. This condition could be your opportunity to continue your studies that have promising job prospects, namely the teacher education major. 

Through a superior education system, universities in Canada have educational programs that can prepare prospective teachers and prospective lecturers to be ready to teach. For example, the availability of teacher certification facilities and providing the best teaching experience.

Several universities that provide education programs in Canada are the University of Regina and the University of Saskatchewan.

Some career prospects with this major include lecturers with a salary range of CAD$96,000 and high school teachers with a salary range of CAD$48,750 per year. However, this range can increase as each individual’s skills and work experience increase.

9. Computer Science, Information Technology, and Software Engineering

This major is also in high demand among prospective international students, as the technology industry in Canada continues to grow, especially the software development industry. 

You can take the Bachelor 1 (S1) program majoring in computer science which includes theories about computer programming, data structures, computer networks, operating systems, databases , AI, website development , and others. Another advantage you can get is getting access to research facilities from the Canadian research community.

In Canada, the university that has the best computer science program is the University of Waterloo. With the best program, career prospects in this major will also increase. For this major, there are various careers to choose from, for example computer scientist which has a salary range of CAD$180,996. 

10. Aeronautical Engineering

The last leading college major in Canada from this article is the aeronautical engineering major. The reason is, by 2026, the Canadian government will target to have around 3,900 aviation engineers who can support the development of the aviation industry in Canada. 

You can register as a student majoring in aeronautical engineering at a number of well-known universities, for example the University of Windsor and Fanshawe College which have top aeronautical engineering programs.

The career prospects for this major are also promising and an Aviation Engineer has a salary range of CAD$154,417 per year.

Which study majors in Canada attract your attention?

This is a list of the best college majors in Canada that you can use as a reference when choosing a further education program abroad. If you are still confused about which college major to choose, don’t hesitate to use the services of Salak Education as a provider of college guidance services in Canada .

Consulting with the right person will help you pursue education that suits your potential and have the opportunity to get a brilliant career in the future. So, the costs you spend to continue your education are not in vain.


1. What are the most popular majors in Canada?

Pharmacy, nursing, psychology, veterinary medicine, business and management, teacher education, and computer science.

2. What professions are highly paid in Canada?

Air traffic controllers, statisticians, business managers, public administrators, and health care providers.

3. What degrees are in high demand in Canada?

Bachelor of Applied Science, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Business (Bachelor of Business Administration), and Bachelor of Education (Bachelor of Education) degrees

4. How much does undergraduate study cost in Canada?

You need around CAD 14,000 – CAD 35,000 per year

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