Tips and Tricks for Getting Work in Canada as an International Student

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Who doesn’t want to work in a developed country like Canada. The experience gained by working in developed countries is invaluable. Of course, all of this cannot be obtained easily.

It takes will and enthusiasm from oneself to be able to achieve success in another country.

As an international student or immigrant, of course you need twice the effort compared to those who were born or raised in Canada to achieve success.

The following are some experiences from Indonesian students who succeeded in getting jobs in Canada:


Volunteering is the first step that students can take to gain experience working in Canada and socializing with various students from various countries.

Volunteering is also a medium for finding out about areas that we are interested in.

As an international student, it is very important to have “Canadian Experience”, because when looking for work, employees will see and consider “Canadian Experience” in the selection process.

By increasing volunteers, we have directly built the Canadian Experience.

2. Build relationships with lecturers

Why is building relationships with lecturers important? Because lecturers can help us provide information about volunteers and job opportunities on campus.

Being a pro-active student is very important to excel among other students and attract the attention of lecturers.

For example, if the lecturer knows and gets to know us better, there is a big possibility that we can work with the lecturer as a researcher or lecturer assistant.

This can be a very important experience.

3. Don’t be embarrassed to start from the bottom

Getting a job in the field we are interested in is everyone’s dream.

However, we have to start from the bottom to be able to achieve something we want.

For example, many international students start their experience by working part-time on campuses, restaurants, libraries, even in supermarkets.

As an international student in Canada, you are allowed to work 20 hours per week.

By working part-time, you not only gain experience but also get extra pocket money.

4. Make a resume and take part in a mock interview.

The resumes we have in Indonesia will be very different from the standard resumes in Canada.

Therefore, it is necessary to consult with a Career Advisor, to assist in the process of compiling a resume to highlight the experience and qualifications required for the job.

Career Advisor has a lot of information about jobs available in the market and helps us to match our experience with the qualifications that employers need.

Apart from that, mock interviews are also very important to train us to know and answer questions during a job interview.

This also really helps us to build confidence when interviewing with employers.

5.. Attend a “Career Fair”

Campuses in Canada usually hold a “Career Fair” event by bringing in several employers from various industries.

In this event we can find out what jobs are available on the market and the quality of staff needed for these jobs.

Try to attend and talk to these employers to find out more about the qualifications they are looking for and try to reflect these qualifications to yourself.

6. Enrich your knowledge and experience by attending the Free Workshop

There are lots of free workshops in Canada that you can attend to increase your soft and hard skills.

Usually this event is held by your college program association.

For example, if you are in Engineering, there will be many workshops on your campus that discuss topics in this field.

Also look at the industrial community in the city you live in.

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