Canadian Immigration Application 38 Professions and Skilled Immigration

Canada is known as a country where thousands of people dream of living with its developed economy and welfare level. Unlike other countries in the world, Canada’s immigration policies allow people to live a comfortable life. Additionally, there is a relatively easy immigration process for professional groups with employment gaps. The 38 professional groups that have advantages for … Read more

What are the Requirements to Open a Restaurant in Canada in 2024?

Although Canada is one of the richest countries in the world, approximately three-quarters of its population operates in the service sector.  Canadian restaurants, on the other hand, operate in the service sector within the food service industry.  Among the business services in Canada, restaurant and cafe management stands out with the privileged rights given by … Read more

What is the Canadian Federal Skilled Trades Program?

Canada’s Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP) is a type of immigration program that enables international skilled workers to find employment and permanent residence in Canada. The Canadian Federal Skilled Trades Program is one of three programs in the Express Entry system, the online system created by the Canadian Government for immigration procedures. The Canadian Federal Skilled … Read more

10 Tips for Successful Adaptation When Studying Abroad

There are many things you need to prepare before you study abroad. Here are successful tips for adapting: 1. Learn to live independently from an early age Make sure you are independent before you leave because you will do everything yourself. This starts from washing clothes, preparing and cooking food, going to college, going to the doctor … Read more

Canada Enhances Financial Proof Requirements and Extends Work Rights for International Students

In a significant move on December 7, 2023, Marc Miller, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), unveiled a series of crucial policy revisions impacting international students in Canada. These changes aim to cushion international students against the escalating cost of living and housing difficulties they face. Effective January 1, 2024, international students applying … Read more

10 Study Majors in Canada with High Job Prospects

Canada is known as the country with the best education system in the world, because it has colleges or universities that offer innovative and diverse programs. Therefore, many prospective international students consider continuing their studies in a number of college majors in Canada .  If you are currently looking for references for high quality fields of study and … Read more