What are the Requirements to Open a Restaurant in Canada in 2024?

Although Canada is one of the richest countries in the world, approximately three-quarters of its population operates in the service sector. 

Canadian restaurants, on the other hand, operate in the service sector within the food service industry. 

Among the business services in Canada, restaurant and cafe management stands out with the privileged rights given by the Canadian government to new entrepreneurs, and opening a restaurant in Canada attracts great interest from employers.

The private catering services category, where business profitability is highest, is frequently preferred to open a restaurant in Canada. The private food services category includes caterers, mobile food services, and food service contractors.

Opening a restaurant in Canada; It is preferred by new job seekers, entrepreneurs and business people. 

Canada attracts attention with its growing economy, and foreign nationals other than Canadian citizens may prefer to open a restaurant in Canada due to the profits generated by the business line.

Preparing a business plan is the first step in the requirements for starting a business in Canada; A business plan is a written document that describes the business to be performed, strategies, business objectives, targeted market, and financial forecasts for the business.

 With the business plan created, applications can be made to benefit from grants, contributions, supports and loan guarantees offered by the Canadian government; People who will start a new business can choose the support programs they can use through Innovation Canada. 

The business structure to be established in Canada can take different forms; Taxes, permits and licenses required vary depending on the type of company selected. 

A business name appropriate to the service to be provided and location must be registered; Failure to register a business name in Canada can lead to significant fines and other legal consequences. 

Registration of trade names is the responsibility of provinces and regions, and there may be different rules and procedures for each region; Additionally, the taxes to be paid by the person starting a business also vary between regions.

What are the Requirements for Opening a Restaurant in Canada?

Requirements for opening a restaurant in Canada vary depending on the type of business and the region in which it is located; 

For this reason, before opening a restaurant, it is necessary to learn what permits and licenses will be obtained for the type of business and the region in which it will be located, and what regulations the business will be subject to.

After determining the licenses and permits that a restaurant business to be opened in Canada must obtain from federal, state and municipal institutions, the local health unit responsible for the region must be contacted and the restaurant business must be inspected. 

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) regulates and inspects all activities such as purchasing, selling, shipping, processing and producing food for restaurants to be opened in Canada. 

In cases where milk, eggs, fish, meat, honey and some plant-derived products will be used, it is necessary to consult with the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Rural Affairs unit in the region, as there are different regulations and standards.

Inspections on hygiene issues for restaurants to be opened in Canada are carried out by the Ministry of Health units. 

If alcoholic beverages will be sold or served, a separate alcohol license must be obtained; For an alcohol license, an application is made to the Alcohol and Gambling Commission in the region.

In cases where music will be broadcast in the restaurant business, the business owner is responsible for purchasing music licenses and must contact Entandem to obtain RE:SOUND and SOCAN music licenses.

How to Open a Restaurant in Canada?

The first step to opening a restaurant in Canada is to create a business plan; With the business plan, issues such as the restaurant’s goals, financial and inventory needs become clear. 

After making a business plan, it is necessary to determine what type of company structure the restaurant will have. 

After determining the type of business, it is necessary to obtain the permits and licenses that the restaurant will need; These permits may vary depending on the region where the restaurant is opened.

The name of the restaurant to be opened is determined and registered to meet the requirements of the region where the restaurant is opened. Restaurants to open in Canada must be registered with the Canada Revenue Agency, like all other businesses. 

After inspections such as health inspections are carried out, the number of people who will work in the restaurant is determined, personnel recruitment is carried out and personnel entry procedures are completed, and the process of opening a restaurant is completed.

What are the Costs of Opening a Restaurant and Cafe in Canada?

The costs of opening a restaurant and cafe in Canada may vary due to factors such as the location where the business is opened, the population characteristics of the region, the type and size of the business, the necessary renovations for the business, the licenses and permits that must be obtained, kitchen design and furniture, and the personnel to work.

If you choose to take over an existing business to open a cafe in Canada, the average cost is approximately $100,000. In Canada, the average establishment cost of a restaurant business for 40 people can reach $300,000; If real estate is purchased to open a restaurant, this cost goes up to 500,000 dollars. 

If it is preferred to purchase a franchise location instead of opening a restaurant or cafe in Canada, an average investment of 3.5 million dollars is required.

What are the Possibilities of Purchasing a Franchise in Canada?

Information about franchise purchasing opportunities in Canada can be obtained from the Canadian Franchise Association. 

Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) supports those who want to run a franchise in Canada, provides training to entrepreneurs and investors, and establishes the connection between those who want to start a business and franchise companies.

What Are the Best Franchise Restaurants in Canada?

The best franchise restaurants in Canada are listed below.

  • Tim Hortons
  • Montana’s
  • Second Cup
  • Mr. sub
  • Pizza Pizza
  • Boston Pizza
  • Coffee Time
  • Booster Juice
  • Smitty’s
  • Ben&Florentine

What are the Preferred Canadian Provinces to Open a Restaurant?

The preferred Canadian provinces to open a restaurant are listed below.

  • Alberta
  • Quebec
  • Ontario
  • British Columbia
  • manitoba

Which Visa Should Be Obtained to Open a Restaurant in Canada?

To open a restaurant in Canada, a Canadian start-up visa is required. The Canadian start-up visa program is a type of visa suitable for immigrant entrepreneurs who have the potential to establish a business in Canada.

People who apply for the Canadian start-up visa, which is required to open a restaurant in Canada, must have certain qualifications determined by Canada. 

Required qualifications to apply for the Canadian start-up visa, which is a Canadian business visa; The requirements are to have a quality business idea, to receive letters of support from organizations determined to support entrepreneurs, to have the required proficiency in one of the English or French languages, and to have sufficient financial means to start a business.

Those who will apply for a Canadian start-up visa must prepare the specified visa application documents and pay the visa application fee determined for the Canadian start-up visa application.

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